Meraki Pebbled Black Leather Crossbody Wallet iPhone Case

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Meraki Pebbled Black Leather Crossbody Wallet iPhone Case is available in a varied range of colors. A majority of the shades in this collection are Black and Tan Leather. Our crossbody wallet cases make it easier to access your phone no matter what you're doing. You can be shopping, going for a walk or hanging out in a night out. Whatever you're doing we've got you covered.

These fashionable Cardholder wallet iPhone cases have been exclusively designed in Dallas.

These iPhone cases have been specifically designed to match your iPhone shape so everything fits snug and secure This makes them very durable and able to protect your iPhone in case of accidental drops. The material also gives a good grip which helps prevent falls and slips. You can fit up to 4 cards easily at the back of the case. The strap for the cases measures at 50" total and 25" when attached to the case(straps are adjustable so you can adjust to your needs).

The Vegan leather that we use in our cases one hundred percent cruelty-free. We are committed to bringing you products that are ethically sourced. There’s no reason an animal has to be harmed so you can feel stylish.

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