Holographic Tropical Palm Leaves iPhone Case

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Get ready to wave your phone against the light. This Holographic Tropical Palm Leaves iPhone case gives you the feel of three dimensions as it is holographic. In the current picture, it depicts palm leaves in black, white and pink with a tinge of green. However, it is subjected to change as you hold it against the light. The uncommon and classy design will help you enhance your style statement further. This Holographic Tropical Palm Leaves iPhone Case is for those who like it to be trendy. It is inspired by the beautiful tropical beaches of Hawaii, Bahamas, Seychelles, etc. to make it easy on the eyes. The pattern that is shown here is eye-catching and captivating. So, it is one of your must-have items to definitely make space in your luggage for your beach vacations to make a sassy statement.

It is made up of TPU material which makes it durable in case your phone is dropped many times to prevent scratches, dents or shattering. It provides you with a good grip so that you can grasp it confidently even with one hand. It has got raised edges so that when it is kept on a surface face down the screen still gets protected. The same raised edges come to rescue when your phone falls because then it lands on the edges and your high-end iPhone is protected from impact. So, do not get deceived by the delicate design as this case comes in with a ton of functionality. If you are looking for hassle-free maintenance along with a string of other benefits while enjoying your phone then look no further. 

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