Top 4 Clear and Karat Cases available in BingCases

For those who don’t want to hide their phone with Opaque case, BingCases, have released a Series of Clear case collection just for you! You can thank us later.

Now, these clear cases are nothing like the clear case that you might have seen. Apart from being extremely well designed, these cases are protective too. The clear cases are built using TPU material that provides flexibility as well as ultimate protection. Full bumper and raised edges protect your precious iPhone from drop and impact. All designs on our cases are printed using IMD printers that permanently embed the design within the surface of the molded part of the case. As a result, all our cases feel smooth to touch and is durable and scratch resistant.

Choose from our Luxe Clear 24 Karat Collection, Clear Floral Case collection, Pressed Floral Case or other patterned Clear Cases. To make your choice easier we have listed few that we like!

Pressed Floral Daisy Case

Simplicity at its best! This case is exactly that. Pressed Floral Daisy case is made using dried daisy flower that is embedded within the molds of the case. It is a simple design but a very effective one. This case is perfect for any colored iPhone you might have but looks the best on the black iPhone. The dark background of Black iPhone seems to complement the white and yellow on the petals of the pressed daisy flower. This is one sturdy case with a beautiful floral design that will enhance the beauty of your bare phone.

Cats-Dogs iPhone Case

We conducted a survey on our Instagram page a while back asking our followers if they like Dogs or Cats more. They were then in the process of picking out the case for our collection.  That poll was divided. More than 60% of our followers were a dog lover and the rest was a cat lover. Their personal preference is a dog as well, but we didn’t want to ignore those who liked the cat. So, in an attempt to look out for all the cat lovers too, they chose this case that unites both cat and dog lover.  If cute puppy head and cat head wasn’t enough, they added holographic paws to it. Holographic paws design on this case is reflective when the sun rays hit its surface.

We have other pattern clear cases too:  Holographic Butterfly Case, Solar System Clear Case, Clear Chrome Donuts Case

Clear pretty perfect chrome floral case

If we are being honest, this case is pretty perfect. Adorned with white and lavender flowers with chrome gold anthers, this case is just as the name suggests; pretty. This case is printed within the mold of the case and is protected with a layer. Design on this case is permanently embedded and the exterior surface of the case feels smooth to touch. This case is perfect for summer especially for a brunch out with your girls, day on the beach, garden party or any occasion really.

Luxe Mother of Pearl Rosegold Flakes Case

 Adorned with Rosegold Flakes and Mother of Pearl evenly distributed throughout the case, this case provides the right amount of bling to make your phone stand out and doesn’t cover up iPhone’s half-eaten apple symbol or an “iPhone” typography on the phone. The flakes on the case are permanently embedded and don’t move, unlike other glitter cases. Design on this case is scratch resistant and the exterior surface is smooth. For those extra special events where you want your phone to have just enough bling, Choose this case! They have the same case available in Gold and Silver Flakes option too.

Feel free to comment on what you think about our top 4 choices. Feel free to reach us at if you have any questions. 


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